Stalking the Apple Watch like a crazy ex!

I want an Apple watch. Right. Now. I created to find the most up to the minute Apple Watch videos so I can watch them every day. No more scouring YouTube or Google for videos (Why is that so difficult sometimes?). You only get the latest videos in the order they were released on YouTube.

How did we pull this off? Well, honestly, the magic is in the software, a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin the we created called VideoNab. This plugin does all the work on a daily, even hourly basis: It scours YouTube, and grabs videos based on our criteria. In this case, New Movie Trailers. Being passionate movie lovers, we wanted a single location to watch only the newest trailers as they were added to YouTube. Not finding a site that works exactly as we envisioned it, we decided to build it, and the software to power it, ourselves. So we did, and it works. It even grabs cute cat videos…

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.18.24 PM

It goes a bit beyond that though. We set a specific date range, and it only looks at those dates while it pulls videos. So, if you only want to pull videos that were posted between 2005 and 2006, it will do that, and it’s not limited to movie trailers by any means. It works with ANY topic and ANY date range. So, want to showcase cutting edge videos, like coverage on the Apple Watch? Set your filter to only grab videos since the date of Apple’s launch talks. Want to create a site about retro gaming, but only want to include new reviews of old games? You can do that.

Honestly, we’re a bit amazed at the power of this software (as if you can’t tell). We think it will do a lot of good in presenting specific information for any topic, and can be used by anyone with a WordPress website. So, we’ve decided to offer it to the masses. And while this may seem like a sales pitch (it is, in a way) we are passionate movie and tech lovers who want to pass this powerful software on to others.

Check it out here.

Did we mention how proud we are of our creation? Check out some more details on the software powering Rad Movie Trailers below:


Seriously, pick up a copy for your own site!